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Welcome to the 2024 CAP Tournament Circuit! Here, players will compete in a series of tournaments through the year in order to determine who is qualified to enter the CAP Circuit Championship and duke it out for a special forum banner and custom PS! avatar as the grand prize. The winners of each CAP Playtest will also receive a forum banner prize! The following tournaments will be part of the circuit (all dates, especially CAP Playtests, are approximate and subject to change):

:xy/equilibra: CAP 2024 Tournament Schedule :xy/equilibra:

:cawmodore:CAP Winter Seasonal:cawmodore:
SV CAP Double Elimination Tournament - Signups on February 5th

:unown-question:CAP 34 Playtest:unown-question:
SV CAP Single Elimination Tournament - Signups on May 12th

:hemogoblin:CAP Summer Seasonal:hemogoblin:
SV CAP Double Elimination Tournament- Signups on June 30th

:revenankh:CAP Ladder Tournament:revenankh:
SV CAP Ladder Tournament - Cycle 1 on September 8th; Cycle 2 on September 15th

:unown-question:CAP 35 Playtest:unown-question:
SV CAP Single Elimination Tournament - Signups on October 20th

:tomohawk:CAP 2024 Circuit Championship:tomohawk:
SV CAP Single Elimination Tournament with the top 16 players of the circuit - Begins December 15th

This will be the scoring system that will be used to determine which players will advance to the Championship:
CAP Winter and Summer Seasonals:

1st: 16 Points
2nd: 13 Points
3rd: 11 Points
4th: 10 Points
5th-6th: 9 Points
7th-8th: 8 Points
9th-12th: 7 Points
13th-16th: 6 Points
17th-24th: 5 Points
25th-32nd: 4 Points
33rd-48th: 3 Points
49th-64th: 2 Points
65th-96th: 1 Points

CAP Playtests and CAP Ladder Tour:

1st: 13 Points
2nd: 10 Points
3rd-4th: 8 Points
5th-8th: 6 Points
9th-16th: 4 Points
17th-32nd: 2 Points
33rd-64th: 1 Points
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